Community & Online Connections

The Atos Care program includes help connecting to local community and peer support through various channels, both in person and online.

We will help to connect you with local communities, peer support groups, and experts in various fields concerning how it is to live with a neck stoma.

Community Events

Supported events can also include healthcare and other professionals who can share valuable information, tips, and best practices that might be hard to find on your own. You can find all events on our events hub. Previous events featured presentations and speakers on themes such as:

    • Looking after your lungs
    • Travel
    • Breathing exercises
    • Dealing with the unexpected

    On-demand Webinars

    Atos Care provides support at your fingertips, often 24/7, through various online tools or channels. Learn more about neck stoma, products, day-to-day device care, general tips and troubleshooting, and much more whenever, wherever—simply and conveniently through your favorite device.

    A series of webinars with educational information for you and your caregiver that can be watched in the comfort of your own home. The webinar series will help you and your caregivers with everyday things you experience.

    The Atos Care service offering varies in our different markets. To know what Atos Care offers in your country, visit your country’s website or get in touch with your Atos representative.


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