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Breathing, speaking and living with a total laryngectomy

Undergoing a total laryngectomy can be an emotionally turbulent period for patients and relatives, often leading to a broad range of questions that are difficult to find relevant answers to. At Atos Medical, we have many years of experience providing relevant information and guidance for how best to breathe, speak, and live well after a total laryngectomy.

With the Atos MyLife app, we offer easily accessible information when needed. It is a unique and free tool that has been specially designed for people who have had a total laryngectomy or are about to go through surgery. Its content includes educational videos, information on products, exercises, and inspiration on how to live a fuller life after a total laryngectomy.


Articles and videos with people with a total laryngectomy, as well as clinicians sharing unique stories and providing advice. The topics deal with breathing, speech, care, and daily life.

  • Speaking: Information about speaking after a total laryngectomy.
  • Breathing: Breathing and lung health after a total laryngectomy.
  • Hands-free: Introduction and inspiration to hands-free speaking.
  • Care: Supporting you with care routines.
  • Daily life: Inspiration on how to deal with everyday situations.


Our exercises are developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, and offer a user-friendly and intuitive way to train your voice from home. Interactive voice rehabilitation exercises to assist in recovering speech ability. From learning about the neck stoma to developing a new voice.


The app gives a presentation of the Provox product portfolio with the ability to request more information through the app. Atos MyLife is a unique and free app that caters to anyone who has had a total laryngectomy, as well as to relatives and health care professionals. We have many years of experience in providing relevant information and guidance on how to benefit from our products.

With Atos MyLife app, we offer easily accessible information about laryngectomy. MyLife app is specially designed for people with a total laryngectomy and for those facing surgery, as well as for their relatives. Atos MyLife app includes educational videos, product information, and inspiration after a total laryngectomy.

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How to download Atos MyLife app

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