Improve your lung health both day & night

  • With the highest possible humidification HME 24 hours a day
  • Coughing and mucus are some of the challenges experienced post laryngectomy (1, 2).
  • 89% of patients report cleaning out mucus from the stoma or HME several times a day.
  • Quantitative ReD Associates research, 2019


Non-adherent HME use can lead to increased mucus production and coughing (3, 4). This often results in sleeping problems, fatigue, less social contact, and overall reduced quality of life (2, 4).

Clinical research shows that heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) have a positive impact on lung health and quality of life after a total laryngectomy, particularly when adhering to HME use 24 hours a day (3, 4).

Meet Leo

Leo Eppink is an enthusiastic patient educator from the northeast of the Netherlands. He has been committed to helping fellow laryngectomized people for many years. His ambition is to help them improve their quality of life by offering guidance and inspiration.

By using an HME throughout the day and while he sleeps, Leo has experienced a considerable reduction in sleep disturbances such as coughing.

The benefits to your lung health from wearing an HME 24 hours a day as opposed to not having a routine are substantial.

An HME for a more restful Night 

Just as you would use an HME in the daytime for your lung health, the same benefits from HME use can be gained by wearing an HME while you sleep (3).

Provox Life Night HME helps reduce coughing for more restful nights (5). This HME offers excellent humidification* for improved lung health in a soft, comfortable design.

Provox Life Night HME offers:

  • Higher humidification compared to other HMEs in the Provox Life range*
  • Comfortable breathability for nighttime breathing
  • Soft and smooth design for nighttime comfort
  • Compatibility with all Provox Life adhesives

*According to device specifications.

Switch to Provox Life Night HME before sleep

Joakim underwent a total laryngectomy in January 2020 and was then introduced to the Provox Life system later in the year.

Before and after undergoing a laryngectomy, Joakim had several concerns about what life would be like.

Joakim switches to the Provox Life Night HME and Adhesive every night before he sleeps, and he reports coughing less and no longer experiencing skin irritation or discomfort.

Night HME helps reduces coughing for more restful nights
Joakim´s day and night routine


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