Provox® Vega™

A voice prosthesis designed for better voice quality and less effort to speak

Confidence to speak more naturally

Provox Vega is a voice prosthesis used by thousands of people who have undergone a laryngectomy. It is preferred by many patients, saying it is closest to the natural way of speaking in terms of fluency and phrasing.

Provox Vega is designed with airflow characteristics that are optimized for speaking, and an opening pressure that supports a good seal when swallowing.

Provox Vega is known for being a robust, durable and reliable device, which is easy to maintain.

Insertion system

No two tracheoesophageal punctures are the same. In addition, clinicians have different preferences when it comes to the insertion method for the voice prosthesis. The Provox Vega Insertion System has been developed with all this in mind; it can be used in different ways depending on preferred method.

Insertion System:

• System Insertion: For straightforward, easily accessible punctures.

• Tube Insertion: For more difficult-to-reach or angled punctures.

• Capsule Insertion: For a narrow stoma or esophagus- and difficult-to-reach punctures.

The system is quick and easy to adapt to the chosen insertion method, with minimal set-up or preparation time – and it is precision-engineered to perfectly fold the esophageal flange of the voice prosthesis.

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Key Features
  • Better voice quality
  • Less effort to speak
  • Easy and effective to clean and maintain
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy insertion and ability to choose the preferred method
How to clean your Provox voice prosthesis?  How to clean your Provox voice prosthesis
What to do if your voice prosthesis is leaking?  What to do if your voice prosthesis is leaking?
Supporting Material
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