About us

Atos Medical develops and sells medical devices that improve quality of life for people living with a neck stoma in over 90 countries.

Since our foundation in 1986, we have cemented ourselves as the leaders in neck stoma care, and today our business includes innovative products in laryngectomy and tracheostomy care to help people breathe, speak and live well.

We want create the best experience for our customers, and we know this involves more than first-rate product development, which is why clinical research and education of both professionals and patients are integral parts of our business.

We are a truly global organization with Swedish roots made up of about 1200 employees. Atos Medical is a part of Coloplast A/S.

Atos Medical - Who we are & what we do


Atos Medical was founded in the south of Sweden by the brothers Gert and Jan-Ove Persson.


The first Provox voice prosthesis was launched with the aim of improving voice rehabilitation after a total laryngectomy.


We began our international expansion starting with subsidiaries in Europe and the United States.


Provox ActiValve was introduced incorporating magnets to prevent inadvertent opening.


We launched Provox Vega, a voice prosthesis designed with airflow characteristics that are optimized for natural speaking.


To improve breathing in every situation and for improved humidifcation and pulmonary rehabilitation, we introduced Provox XtraFlow and Provox XtraMoist HMEs.


For improved humidification and pulmonary rehabilitation, we introduced Provox XtraFlow and Provox XtraMoist HMEs for use in various situations.


To give more people the freedom to speak handsfree, we launched Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice, and with Provox StabiliBase we introduced our most advanced adhesive, providing stability when speaking hands-free.


Following its release, Atos Medical won the Red Dot award for Provox Coming Home.


Provox Luna received the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award for providing high-quality standards with regard to material, size and form in order to ensure healthy sleep.


We launched the tracheostomy brand Freevent, which stands for high-quality devices that are designed to meet high standards for comfort, reliability, and durability. Freevent Neckbands was the first product launched within this new branding. Following the launch of Neckbands, DualCare, TrachPhone, and XtraCare were incorporated under the Freevent branding.


Our first app Atos MyLife app was released designed specifically for laryngectomized people and healthcare professionals. Instant access to products information, helpful tools and voice rehabilitation exercises.


We introduced Freevent XtraCare Mini, our first HME in the pediatric segment. Freevent XtraCare Mini offers effective filtration along with good humidification providing vulnerable tracheostomized children with daily protection. We launched Provox Life in several Nordic countries and the Netherlands. The new Provox Life system, including HMEs with improved performance and a new range of adhesives, offers users a complete and flexible solution. Provox Life continues to be launched in countries around the world.

Simple line illustration of the medical device "Provox Life".


We started the global launch of Provox Life in select countries. Provox Life is a next generation range of HMEs and adhesives.

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We acquired TRACOE medical, Kapitex Healthcare and MC Europe. As a result of these acquisitions, we grew to become a global organization of nearly 1,200 people.


Provox Life received three Good Design awards for Design, Packaging, and Media.

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We sponsored and launched the website Laryngectomy.info dedicated to people living with a total laryngectomy. The website won website of the year at the 2022 Digital Communication Awards.

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We were acquired by Coloplast A/S, a Danish multinational company operating within Ostomy Care, Continenece Care, Wound & Skin Care and Interventional Urology.


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