Tracheostomy User Testimonials

December 28, 2022
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Here is Sylvia's story

Sylvia is 45 years old and lives in the Netherlands. Sylvia is very sporty and likes to ride her race bike.

During the winter months, she is an active ice skater. Sylvia has had a tracheostoma for three years. Below Sylvia shares her experience with the Freevent DualCare.

About a year ago I learned about the Freevent DualCare. If I have to describe the Freevent DualCare in one word it’s ‘freedom’. It is freedom that this innovative speaking valve offers me. Because of the tracheotomy, speaking was not so self-evident anymore. With the Freevent DualCare, this has greatly improved.

The advantage of the Freevent DualCare is that you do not need to place your finger on the HME cassette. This saves energy and you literally have your hands free for other things.

From my surroundings, I hear that the sound of my voice is better with the Freevent DualCare than with a Provox HME. The Freevent DualCare occludes the stoma well when it is in speaking mode.

When I don’t speak it is an advantage that I can switch the Freevent DualCare into HME mode, contrary to my previous silver speaking valve that did not have this possibility.

The silver speaking valve stuck out far and you heard the valve while speaking. I wear the Freevent DualCare the whole day without getting tired and also the annoying sound is in the past.

I use 1 to 2 HME cassettes per day and these are easy to replace. In conclusion: I will definitely keep using the Freevent DualCare.”

Learn more about Freevent DualCare

Have a look at our animation to get a better picture on how Freevent DualCare works! The animation explains also how the heating and moisturizing effect of an HME has a positive influence on your lung health.

Using ProTrach DualCare


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