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Free your voice™

Feel the freedom of speaking hands-free. Enjoy socializing and expressing yourself like you used to.

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"To me it is important to be able to express myself using my hands. That’s freedom to me"
Had surgery in May 2014. Hands-free six month later.
Living with Laryngectomy
Bill's voice

Bill started speaking hands-free 4 months after his surgery. He is married and has two adult daughters. He works full time as an engineer.

Roy's voice

Listen to Roy’s story and how Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice gives him the freedom to cook, drive a car, and speak hands free.

Tore’s voice

Hear Tore tell how Provox voice prostheses and Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice help him lead an active life.

Patient community events
Come and learn how you can get most out
of the winter season at an event near you.
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Speak hands-free again

FlexiVoice offers both the freedom to speak hands-free and speaking with finger occlusion. For hands-free speech, you can choose between 3 different strengths: light, medium, and strong. The choice depends on how much airflow and pressure you need for speaking and breathing.

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Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice