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Why was MyLife developed?

The MyLife app is unique in that it is developed specifically to help laryngectomized people around the world. Living with a laryngectomy means you have daily challenges to overcome, and the MyLife app is your constant companion to help you deal with these challenges and live better.

As you work daily on recovering from a total laryngectomy, the information and exercises in the app can help you manage problems such as coughing and mucus, while also offering you important tips on how to clean your stoma and change your attachments and HMEs (Heat and Moisture Exchanger).

Updates and improvements

The MyLife app was released in 2019 and since then it has undergone numerous updates to improve content and usability.

The first version of the app helped to solve the lack of information available to laryngectomized people by bringing articles, videos, tips, and tricks to the one place.

The second version, offering breathing and speaking exercises, was developed with the expertise of clinicians to help patients to recover and improve their lives after a total laryngectomy.

Today, the app is easier to use and navigate, and contains a larger resource of beneficial content such as articles, videos, and exercises, and is about to be launched in more countries.

Breathe and talk better

The app includes a series of voice and breathing exercises that can help your breathing and speaking. You can log in to MyLife from anywhere and at any time to practice breathing and talking. Studies have shown that regular practice of these voice and breathing exercises can have a positive impact.*

Trustworthy and professional content

This app and the exercises in it have been developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals who are experts in working with laryngectomized patients.

Satisfied users

Today, close to 6000 people use MyLife. Not only is MyLife gaining new users, but users are reporting that they are satisfied and happy with the app. A recent survey showed that 9/10 users would recommend MyLife to others.

How to download

MyLife is free to download in the UK, Denmark, Germany, France, and Italy, and you do not require a credit card or similar to download.

If you´re an Apple user, look for MyLife in the App Store or in Google Play if you have an Android.

Further download instructions can be seen here

How to download Atos MyLife app

* Reference: Desjardins M, Bonilha HS. The Impact of Respiratory Exercises on Voice Outcomes: A Systematic Review of the Literature. J Voice. 2020 Jul;34(4):648.e1-648.e39. doi: 10.1016/j.jvoice.2019.01.011. Epub 2019 Feb 25. PMID: 30819608.


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