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Clinical Product Eduction

As a clinician you play an important role in the rehabilitation of your patient. At Atos Medical we have a large portfolio of products available. Each patient needs to be approached individually to ensure he/she receives the products most suitable to him or her and knows how to use these products in the right way. To help you and the patient to get the most out of the products and use them in the best way possible, we have developed LaryLogics.


LaryLogics are educational leaflets on a wide range of topics. We advise you to use these leaflets together with the patient to educate them on product use. Apart from the examples on our website, more LaryLogics are available. If you are interested in viewing those, please complete the form and you will get access to them.

Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice
  • A speaking valve and Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) with both automatic and manual occlusion
Breathing through a Tracheostoma
  • Insights on how to get a good breathing through a tracheostoma
Daily Care of your Voice Prosthesis
  • Guide on how to take daily care of your Voice Prosthesis
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Rescue breathing for people with a laryngectomy
Laryngectomized people are neck breathers. Therefore oxygen and rescue breathing need to be administered to the person’s stoma and not to their mouths or noses.

Rescue Breathing for Laryngectomees And other Neck Breathers
  • Guide to Rescue Breathing