What is Atos Care?​

Atos Care is a patient program that supports healthcare professionals so they can achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients. By working in solid partnership with healthcare professionals, we help relieve their workload, with the aim of improving outcomes for patients living with a neck stoma.

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What we do​

Atos Medical is driven by a strong desire to support patients at every stage of their journey. To build confidence in patients, Atos Care offers personalized service, product support, and patient education. Our goal, in partnership with healthcare professionals, is to help people with a neck stoma achieve their best possible outcomes​.

The program is organized in two stages: Best Start and Best Me, based on the three pillars of support, patient education, and optimized care.

Atos Care Best Start - Confidence and support

Best Start covers the first year after diagnosis. It is designed and equipped to ease the transition from hospital to home, helping patients understand their condition and related products while establishing good routines.

Atos Care Best Me - Continuum of care

Best Me builds on the foundation created with Best Start after the first year and onwards. It helps patients optimize their quality of living by using the right product for their lifestyle, community integration, and helpful digital tools to maintain positive self-care.

What we offer​

With Atos Care, we provide flexible and comprehensive support including tools, services and clinician-validated guidance. Healthcare professionals outline and adapt the program that best supports their clinical practice and individual patient needs. Atos Care takes a professional, transparent, and personal approach to supporting patient care with:

    • Support pre-surgery
    • Specialized and trained Customer care
    • Home visits with specialized clinical team
    • Caregiver support
    • Product support
    • Digital resources
    • Community support and events
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