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Clinical evidence

Atos Medical has a long standing tradition of clinical evidence showing that our products perform well and are safe to use. Over the years, many studies have been performed with our products and we are proud to say that we have more and stronger evidence for our products than any of our competitors.

We continually initiate or participate in clinical studies all over the world. This is made possible through our close cooperation with ENT specialists and patients. Take our Provox voice prostheses for laryngectomees, for instance. The Provox System has been a success from the start and this success is supported by a long list of peer-reviewed clinical documentation.

The Kelley Circuit

We are pleased to be able to share information about the Kelley Circuit with you. The Kelley Circuit is a novel method of managing in-hospital self-ventilating tracheostomy patients that allows for humidification, filtration and closed-circuit suctioning.

The Kelley Circuit provides the following:

  • Humidification and filtration upon inspiration (protection for patient)
  • Filtration upon expiration (protection for the health care professional)
  • Closed-circuit and sterile suctioning (protection for patient and health care professional)

The document is authored by James Kelley et al. from the Wellington Hospital in London, UK and contains a description of the solution, a link to a YouTube video on the solution and 4 case studies.

Please note that Atos Medical cannot give medical or clinical advice. Physicians and other health care providers reading this message should make independent, informed decisions about the care of their patients based on the individual condition and circumstances of each case. Always read the product instructions for use.

The Kelley Circuit for Tracheostomy
  • Download the document from the link below.
View document


Our quarterly newsletter with trends, current information and literature regarding Atos products and their usage around the world.
Below is the latest version to download.

LitAlert issue #39
  • Preventing the formation of mucus plugs after total laryngectomy
  • The relationship of functional and participation with patient QoL
  • Treating the dysfunctional larynx with laryngectomy
  • A new protocol for olfactory perception rehabilitation
  • Can physical activity help prevent laryngeal cancer?
  • Maintaining swallowing function and QoL over time
LitAlert Special Issue Covid-19
  • Commentary on the management of total laryngectomy patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • COVID-19 Tracheostomy Guidance
  • Managing head and neck cancer patients with tracheostomy or laryngectomy during the COVID-9 pandemic
  • Safe management of laryngectomized patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Systematic review of international guidelines for tracheostomy in COVID-19 patients
LitAlert Issue #38
  • Is satisfaction with voice prosthesis rehabilitation and QoL maintained over time?
  • A guided self-help exercise program improves swallowing and speech problems
  • Experience with Provox Vega XtraSeal for periprosthetic leakage
  • Developing, maintaining, and improving clinician confidence
  • Nasal dysfunction after laryngectomy


For a more detailed overview of all relevant publications on HMEs, Voice Prostheses and TheraBite, our Literature Reviews can be used. These are updated yearly.

Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary function with a tracheostoma
  • Benefits of HME use
  • Clinical effects
  • Filtration
  • Attachment methods
View Document
Provox Vocie Prostheses
  • The product range
  • Clinical evidence about Provox vocie prostheses
  • Microbiological studies
View Document

Clinical Evidence Series

The Clinical Evidence Series are documents on a specific topic, describing and summarizing the most relevant literature. Download one of our documents from our Clinical Evidence Series below. It is free!

Importance of Compliant HME Use
  • Post-laryngectomy pulmonary symptoms
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation with HME
  • Improving compliant HME use
View Document
Primary vs Delayed VP fitting
  • Comparison of primary and delayed voice prosthesis fitting
  • Evaluation of TE puncture with primary voice prosthesis fitting
  • Tracheoesophageal puncture stability and resizing
View Document
Primary vs Secondary TEP
  • Comparison of primary and secondary TEP
  • Primary puncture and pharyngocutaneous fistulae
View Document
  • Incidence of reflux in laryngectomees
  • Consequences and treatment of reflux in laryngectomees
View Document
Early oral feeding
  • Advantages of early oral feeding
  • Pharyngocutaneous fistula (PCF) formation and feeding after total laryngectomy
  • Table of PCF rates in comparative studies of patients receiving early vs. late oral feeding
View Document


LaryLogics are educational leaflets on a wide range of topics. We advise you to use these leaflets together with the patient to educate them on product use. Apart from the examples on our website, more LaryLogics are available. If you are interested in viewing those, please complete the form and you will get access to them.

Improve your speech
  • When using a voice prosthesis, fluency of speech and the ease of speaking depend on a number of systems working together - learn more about them here
View Document
Breathing though a Tracheostoma
  • Learn more about breathing through a tracheostoma
  • Learn about the beneits of using an HME
View Document
Management of voice prosthesis leakage
  • Learn to detect leakage
  • Learn what to do in case of leakage
View Document
Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice
  • A speaking valve and Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) with both automatic and manual occlusion
View Document

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