Tracoe Purofoam Neo + Ped

Tracheostomy compresses, polyurethane foam, with zigzag slit, sterile, inividually packaged, large and small

The Tracoe Purofoam tracheostomy compresses are made of an absorbent open-pored polyurethane foam (a). The surface layer of the compress that faces the skin allows the absorption of liquids into the foam’s core (b). A net-like film stabilizes the purofoam compresses and thus reduces the deformation with strong secretion after the moisture absorption.

The outer side is covered with a beige coating which prevents leakage of secretion to the outside and reduces bacterial contamination (c). Due to the circular opening and the zigzag slit the compress can be easily replaced with a new one whilst wearing the tracheostomy tube.

The Tracoe Purofoam tracheostomy compresses are used for the wound care of recent or irritated tracheostomies as well as for covering healed but weeping tracheostomas. The compresses comply with the modern principles of moist wound treatment.

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