Tracoe Comfort

Handmade long-lasting tubes made of transparent, thermo-sensitive plastic

The long-term Tracoe Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Comfort XL tracheostomy tubes have been elaborately handmade for over 6 decades. It is characterized by softness and flexibility and is particularly economical due to its durability.

Tracheostomy tube features

Tracoe Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Comfort XL tracheostomy tubes are handmade long-lasting tubes made of transparent, thermo-sensitive plastic. They enable tracheotomized and laryngectomized patients to be worn comfortably. The discreet appearance and the light weight of the tracheostomy tubes also contribute to this. They also have a low weight due to the material used.

All tube types are available in many different sizes and designs. This variety makes it easier to choose the right tracheostomy tube for the patient’s anatomy. The Tracoe Comfort Plus has another bending angle and a double fenestration. Its cannula length is between standard length and extra-long.


As standard, the fenestrated Tracoe Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Comfort XL tracheostomy tubes have a multiple fenestration at the outer bend of the outer cannula.

The Tracoe Comfort Plus tracheostomy tubes feature a double fenestration. In addition to the fenestration at the outer bend, they have two phonation openings at the inner bend. These provide additional space for exhaled air to reach the upper airways.

Distinguishing features of the speaking valves

Tracoe Comfort speaking valve type A Tracoe Comfort tubes with the speaking valve type A have a silver valve holder, which is attached to the inner cannula with a chain. It can be detached from the inner cannula by sliding it out, if necessary. This allows free access to the inner lumen of the tube, for example, for suctioning off tracheal secretions. Tracoe Comfort speaking valve Type B On Tracoe Comfort tracheostomy tubes with speaking valve Type B, the valve carrier can be swivelled. This allows free access to the inner lumen of the tracheostomy tube, e.g. for aspiration of tracheal secretions. A stopper blocks the opening of the flap as soon as the valve is swivelled to the side.

Distinguishing features 15 mm connector & 22 mm housing

15 mm connector Universal 15 mm connectors allow the use of heat & Moisture exchangers (HMEs) and speaking valves. 22 mm housing Universal 22 mm housings at inner cannulas have a more discreet appearance by using accessories with a flat profile, e.g. for the speaking valve TRACOE phon assist I (REF 650-S) with silicone membrane or the heat & moisture exchangers (HME) TRACOE humid assist I (REF 640-S).

Nourishing softness

After each cleaning, the inner cannula(s) of the Comfort tracheostomy tube should be lubricated with a drop of Tracoe paraffin oil (REF 902) directly behind the neck flange to improve the gliding properties of the inner cannula in the outer cannula.

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