Freevent XtraCare Mini White

Effective filtration along with good humidification for daily protection.

Freevent XtraCare Mini combines an HME with a highly effective filtration, which provides your child with protection against viruses, bacteria, pollen and other airborne particles.

Freevent XtraCare Mini warms and humidifies the air your child breathes in to help reduce the amount and thickness of mucus and improves lung health.

In addition to the HME, Freevent XtraCare Mini has an electrostatic filter that can effectively reduce the inhalation of airborne particles, such as viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen via the tracheostoma. The viruses, bacteria and airborne particles collide with the filter fibers. In addition, the electrostatic capacity makes it possible to also attract and capture the particles. It is the combination of these filtering mechanisms that enables the excellent Freevent XtraCare Mini filtering.

Daily protection Freevent XtraCare Mini can be used both day and night and helps to protect your child through effective filtration of inspired air as well as their direct surroundings by effective filtration of the expired air.

*Please note: Since pathogens can enter and leave the human body in other ways, (such as the mouth, nose, and eyes), Freevent XtraCare Mini can never guarantee complete protection. Please read the Instructions for Use for guidance.

Key Features

  • Effective filtration of bacteria >99%*
  • Effective filtration of viruses >98%*
  • Good humidification
  • Compact design, tailored for pediatric patients.
  • Available in three different colors
  • If supplemental oxygen is needed, Freevent XtraCare Mini can be combined with Freevent O2 Adaptor Mini.
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Supporting Material
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