Freevent XtraCare

Freevent XtraCare provides humidification and effective filtration for extra protection

Protects against airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, with a filtration efficiency of more than 99%* 

Combining an HME with a filter, provides more than humidification. It also provides very effective filtration, for extra protection.

The electrostatic filter effectively reduces the inhalation of airborne particles (such as viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen) via the tracheostoma and protects others around you during exhalation.*

Filtration of bacteria > 99 %*

Filtration of viruses > 99 %*

Filtration of small particles > 95 %*

Use it in crowded places such as schools, supermarkets and public transport – especially during the flu season. It can also be helpful while gardening, particularly during the high pollen season. 

*Please note: Since pathogens can enter and leave the human body in other ways, (such as mouth, nose and eyes). Freevent XtraCare can never guarantee complete protection. 

Please discuss with your clinician if Freevent XtraCare is right for you. Freevent XtraCare is a prescription-only product in the United States. 

ProTrach becomes Freevent.

Key Features

  • Freevent XtraCare is an HME with a highly effective electrostatic filter that:
  • Warms and humidifies the air you breathe in to help reduce coughing and mucus production.
  • Protects you from airborne particles (such as viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen) by effective filtration of the air you breathe in through the tracheostomy.*
  • Protects those around you from airborne particles (such as viruses and bacteria) by effective filtration of the air you breathe out through the tracheostomy.*
Supporting Material
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