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Freevent® XtraCare™ Mini

Freevent® XtraCare™ Mini provides effective filtration along with good humidification for daily protection.

Tracheostomized children have a high risk of respiratory infections1,2,3. This is due to the naturally protective oral and nasal passages being bypassed, allowing microorganisms into the lower airways more easily. Also, the use of a tracheostomy tube can irritate the mucosa of the trachea, further increasing infection risk3,4. 

Freevent XtraCare Mini was designed to give children extra protection and can be used both day and night. It helps to protect your child through effective filtration of inhaled air as well as their direct surroundings by effective filtration of the exhaled air*. 

Filtration of bacteria > 99 %*5

Filtration of viruses > 99 %*6

Humidification and filtration are lost after a tracheostomy

A tracheostomy bypasses the upper airways, which means that the important humidification and filtration functions are largely lost. Combining a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) with a filter not only provides good humidification but also effective filtration of airborne particles, for daily protection. 

Freevent XtraCare Mini does just that. It’s a Heat and Moisture Exchange Filter (HMEF) that combines an HME with highly effective filtration, and provides your child with protection against airborne particles, such as viruses, bacteria and pollen.  

  • Effective filtration of bacteria >99%*
  • Effective filtration of viruses >98% *
  • Good humidification
  • Compact design, tailored for pediatric patients
  • Available in three different colors
  • If supplemented oxygen is needed, Freevent XtraCare mini can be combined with Freevent O2 Adaptor Mini

How to use Freevent XtraCare Mini 

User Testimonial – Meet Tom

When Tom was 8 months old, he was tracheostomized because of an overgrowth syndrome. As a result of this syndrome, his tongue is very large, and his tongue base can block the airway when he sleeps. Thanks to the tracheostomy tube, this blockage is bypassed. 


  • Freevent XtraCare Mini patient brochure

*Please note: Since pathogens can enter and leave the human body in other ways, (such as the mouth, nose, and eyes), Freevent XtraCare Mini can never guarantee complete protection. Please read the Instructions for Use for guidance.


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