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Provox Voice Prostheses

To speak with confidence, you need a voice prosthesis that is durable, easy to speak with, easy to maintain, and provides the best possible voice quality. In short, one that you can trust and rely on. Provox offers a complete range of voice prostheses and accessories.

Provox® Vega™

Confidence to speak more naturally

Provox Vega is a voice prosthesis used by thousands of people who have undergone a laryngectomy. It is preferred by many patients, saying it is closest to the natural way of speaking in terms of fluency and phrasing.

Provox Vega is designed with airflow characteristics that are optimized for speaking, and an opening pressure that supports a good seal when swallowing.

Provox Vega is known for being a robust, durable and reliable device, which is easy to maintain.

Key benefits:

  • Better voice quality
  • Less effort to speak
  • Easy and effective to clean and maintain
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy insertion and ability to choose preferred method

Key features: 

  1. Larger diameter in relation to outer diameter for lower airflow resistance
  2. Hood protects the valve flap from debris
  3. Robust valve flap system makes brushing through prosthesis possible
  4. Available in sizes 17, 20 and 22.5Fr

Provox® Vega™ XtraSeal™

Confidence to eat and drink without leakage

Provox Vega XtraSeal combines the benefits of Provox Vega with a solution to manage leakage around the voice prosthesis due to enlarged puncture.

Essentially, it is a Provox Vega with an additional, enlarged esophageal flange. The flange is thin, concave and very flexible, so it conforms to the tissue around the puncture. With Provox Vega XtraSeal patients can speak, eat and drink while the leakage is managed.

Key benefits: 

  • Manages peripheral leakage
  • Conforms to the tissue around TE puncture
  • Can be combined with Provox XtraFlange in case of severe leakage

Key features: 

  1. Large esophageal flange that is thin, concave and flexible
  2. Esophageal flange designed to provide protection from leakage when tract between lengths

Provox® ActiValve®

Longest device life

Provox ActiValve is primarily designed for patients who experience early leakage through the voice prosthesis. The blue fluoroplastic material of the valve flap and ring is insusceptible to destruction by biofilm. The magnets will prevent the valve flap from opening inadvertently when breathing or swallowing.

Clinical evidence shows that Provox Activalve has a significantly longer device life compared to all other voice prostheses.

Key benefits:

  • Significantly longest average device life
  • Manages early central leakage due to biofilm
  • Manages central leakage due to pressure issues

Key features: 

  1. The ring and valve flap made of fluoroplastic appears insusceptible to destruction by Candida 5
  2. Two magnets prevent inadvertent opening
  3. Higher initial opening pressure to prevent central leakage
  4. Ultralow airflow resistance


Provox® 2

Robust and reliable

Provox2 was introduced in 1997 and is the predecessor of Provox Vega. It is a robust and reliable device, used by many patients through the years, and proven in a large number of clinical studies. Provox2 was the first voice prosthesis where the replacement was is carried out in an anterograde manner using a single-use insertion tool.

Key benefits:

  • Robust
  • Reliable

Key features: 

  1. Robust flanges to prevent dislodgement
  2. Radiopaque stabilizing blue ring
  3. Available in 22.5Fr

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