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Provox® Vega™ Insertion System

An updated Insertion system for two of our voice prostheses

The Provox® Vega™ Insertion System has been improved by redesigning the tip of the loading tube. Subtle changes to features of the loading tube tip now allow for more control and flexibility while inserting either Provox Vega or Provox® Vega™ XtraSeal™ voice prosthesis.

The improvements are:

  • Gentle and smooth insertion: a slim, concave tip shape to minimize tissue irritation when entering the puncture.
  • Easy to place: reduced slit width and length for more control and improved visibility when placing the voice prosthesis.
  • Maintained tip shape: improved production process to maintain tip shape even after several placement attempts.

The initiative to improve the Provox Vega™ Insertion System was based on valuable input from physicians and speech pathologists, which led to a development project within Atos Medical.  Two prototypes were developed and evaluated by clinicians in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands. The preferred prototype was chosen and now the updated Provox Vega™ Insertion System has been launched.

Clinician feedback on the Improved loading tube

A clinician evaluation of 155 voice prosthesis replacements in six countries; Germany, France, US, UK, Italy and the Netherlands, showed that 97% of clinicians preferred the improved Insertion System compared to the previous loading tube*. The same clinicians also provided the feedback:

  • 88% found entering the puncture with the updated Insertion System to be very easy or easy.
  • 78% of the clinicians thought it was very easy or easy to insert the VP with the updated Insertion System.
  • 68% of the clinicians perceived that their patients experienced the insertion as very easy or easy, 23% neither difficult nor easy.
  • Clinicians reported main advantages to be the following: ease of insertion due to smaller tip, easier to place voice prosthesis, improved visibility during placement, and increased patient comfort (in order of importance).

Many clinicians expressed their satisfaction with the updated Insertion System**:

  • I could see the tip of the inserter all the way through the insertion into the fistula; French Surgeon
  • Very smooth insertion, the patient tolerated it very well; US SLP
  • Immediate, easy placement; US SLP
  • Every insertion worked with the system I tested; French Surgeon


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* Feedback based on placements performed in Germany, France, US, UK, Italy and the Netherlands. Responses from 33 clinicians. On average 5 placements per clinician. Data on file.

** Any healthcare professional testimonials or information in this material represent the professional opinion of the individual healthcare professional, and do not express Atos Medical’s views. Such testimonials or information cannot substitute individual advice or guidance.