Tracoe Silcosoft

Soft, flexible and spiral-reinforced tracheostomy tubes made of silicone

Tracheostomy tube features

Tracoe Silcosoft are soft, flexible and spiral-reinforced tracheostomy tubes made of silicone, with or without Tracoe H₂O Cuff and with or without proximal extension. It has a slightly upward curved, elastic neck flange with eyelets that are specially reinforced. This prevents tearing of the material by a neck strap e.g. with hook-and-loop fastener. There is a neck strap inlet on the underside of the flange eyelets so that the neck flange rests on the skin when worn.

The Tracoe H₂O Cuff

The soft Tracoe H₂O cuff of the Tracoe Silcosoft lies flush with the cannula when deflated, thus allowing the largest possible free expiratory lumen between the tracheostomy tube and the tracheal wall. Stimulation, vocalization or communication are therefore possible. It is filled with sterile water and inflated according to the “Minimal Occlusive Volume Technique”. The cuff serves as a seal to prevent aspiration of food and saliva from the pharynx or undesired escape of air during ventilation.

Embedded filling tube

The filling tube of the Tracoe H₂O Cuff of the Tracoe Silcosoft is embedded in the material of the tube wall. The tube is not bulky and thus reduces the risk of lesions. Another advantage is that this provides more space for expiratory airflow.

Length variants

Since children’s anatomy changes rapidly due to their growth, we offer – in addition to the well-thought-out length concept for standard sizes – different length variants of the Tracoe tracheostomy tubes for kids. The length of the tube rather than the size grows with the child. Many length variants are available from stock.

The obturators

The practical ring obturator is included for the standard lengths of Tracoe Silcosoft. The ring-shaped grip ensures that tubes can be inserted safely, despite their small size and different materials. The large ring opening allows for quick removal.

The shapeable obturator for the proximally longer tubes and for the length variants of the Tracoe Silcosoft is easily visible due to the orange cap with clear marking for orientation.

Size overview:

Appendix to order length variants:

Technical specifications:

TRACOE Product Video - TRACOE silcosoft for Little Heroes

TRACOE Product Video - The TRACOE silcosoft Tracheostomy Tubes

Supporting Material
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