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    Tympovent provides a broad range of ventilation tubes for long- or short-term use. To facilitate safe and easy handling we designed a single hand, easy-to-open tube container.

    • The container is opened with one hand by sliding the lid backwards.
    • Each tube is firmly positioned in a tube compartment, making the pick-up both quick and safe.
    • The transparent window of the container allows for visual inspection of the tube through the lid.
    • The small tube container and the 10 pcs dispenser box drastically reduce storage space.


    Donaldson type

    Its easy-to-use design has made this tube one of the most popular types of ventilation tubes. The silicone version can be compressed for easy insertion.


    Shepard type

    A popular short-term use tube. Available with and without tail.


    Armstrong type

    Available as a grommet and with a plain end. The beveled inner flange is angled to the shank, which allows easier insertion and keeps the tube parallel to the auditory canal. The plain end tube can be cut into the desired length.


    Straight tube

    Available both for short-term and long- term use, with different flange diameters. The tube for long term use has a larger flange diameter, preventing the tube from an early extrusion.


    Bevel Bobbin type

    The bell-shaped outer flange improves ventilation and helps viewing through the lumen.


    Star Tube

    This tube has been designed in order to make the insertion and removal easier. The inner flange has a soft umbrella-like design with three slits in order to facilitate the collapse of the flanges during insertion and removal.


    Collar button type

    Larger inner diameter reduces the risk of occlusion.


    Paparella type

    This tube is conveniently rotated into position by introducing the lead corner of the flange into the myringotomy.


    Reuter Bobbin type

    This type of tube has an excellent history of providing a somewhat longer duration for middle ear ventilation and is available in fluoroplastic.



    The soft large flanges prevent the tube from extrusion. The 12 mm tube can be cut to desired length.


    Tübingen titanium type

    This tube is often used for medium/long-term ventilation. Titanium makes this tube lighter than the T-tube.


    Tübingen gold type

    The extra-large inner diameter makes this tube an excellent performer when there is a high risk of occlusion.


    I.D. – Inner Diameter                      I.F.O.D. – Outer Diameter of Inner Flange

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