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Provox® Vega™ XtraSeal™

    Providing the confidence to eat and drink without leakage

    The Provox Vega XtraSeal combines the benefits of the Provox Vega with a solution to manage leakage around. The Provox Vega XtraSeal is a Provox Vega with an additional, enlarged esophageal flange, designed for users that experience leakage around the voice prosthesis due to enlarged TE punctures.


    Features & Advantages

    • A voice prosthesis with a solution to manage leakage around
    • The enlarged esophageal flange is thin and flexible which allows it to conform to the tissue around the TE puncture
    • The user can continue to speak, eat and drink while the leakage around is managed
    • The valve-seat is radio opaque, which makes the voice prosthesis visible on xray


    Includes: 1 Provox Vega XtraSeal voice prosthesis pre-loaded in a single-use SmartInserter (sterile) and 1 Provox Brush (non-sterile).

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