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Late summer is here and maybe it is time for a trip to enjoy those last rays of summer sun. Here is a few tips on how to plan for it.  


Meet Nadine

Since Nadine Llopis, France, had her laryngectomy, she has been visiting a number of countries, including far off destinations, such as Namibia, Vietnam and Madagascar. ”Travelling has always been important to me. I was basically working just so I could travel. I feared that the laryngectomy would put an end to it; would I ever be able to go anywhere again? But little by little, I realized that of course you can travel. Today, I don’t think much about the obstacles, I think about where I want to go.”

Nadine’s travel tips

  • Flight letter from your doctor
  • Your clinician’s phone number
  • Phone number for Atos Customer Service in your home country and the country you are visiting
  • At least one extra voice prosthesis and voice prosthesis plug that will allow you to eat and drink if you have leakage
  • Contact information on hospitals where you can have your voice prosthesis changed
  • Travel insurance
  • Prescription in English or local language
  • Electrolarynx
  • Torch + spare batteries
  • Mirror
  • Wipes and cleaning towels
  • Atos Emergency Card in English and local language
  • Products for one week (depending on how long you stay)
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