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Code of conduct
Giving voice to our values: do the right thing

Our Code of Conduct is the common baseline for all of us when discussing compliance and ethical behavior. It is our day-to-day guidance and we expect all our officers and employees as well as anybody working on our behalf to comply with the Code of Conduct as well as with current laws and regulations.  

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  • Our Users are Always In Focus
  • Our People First
  • Respect, Integrity and Transparency
  • Protecting Assets and Information
  • Protecting the Environment
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  • Våra användare är alltid i fokus
  • Våra medarbetare först
  • Respekt, integritet och transparens
  • Skydd av tillgångar och information
  • Skydda miljön
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  • Betroffene stehen im Mittelpunkt
  • Der Mensch steht im Mittelpunkt
  • Respekt, Integrität und Transparenz
  • Schutz der Vermögenswerte und Informationen
  • Umweltschutz
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  • Nos utilisateurs sont toujours au premier plan
  • Notre équipe en premier
  • Respect, intégrité et transparence
  • Protection des actifs et des informations
  • Protection de l'environnement
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  • Nuestros Usuarios Siempre son Nuestra Prioridad
  • Nuestro Personal es lo Primero
  • Respeto, Integridad y Transparencia
  • Proteger los Activos y la Información
  • Protección del medio ambiente
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