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Driven by the desire to improve the quality of life and care of people with a neck stoma, Atos Medical develops and manufactures high-quality medical devices for laryngectomy and tracheostomy care.


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We answer your questions, offer support from our laryngectomee community and provide laryngectomy products for every situation.

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We provide you with information, support, guidance, and innovative products in tracheostomy care.

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We are the leaders in neck stoma care, and our business provides innovative products for laryngectomy and tracheostomy care to help people breathe, speak, and live well.

Laryngectomy products

We offer a wide range of high-quality devices for laryngectomy care. Voice prosthesis for speaking, HMEs (Heat and Moisture Exchanger), adhesives and tubes for breathing, accessories, and more.

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Tracheostomy products

From tracheostomy tubes to speaking valves and HMEs (Heat and Moisture Exchanger, we provide a complete and extensive portfolio of tracheostomy products.

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Explore the Provox Life™ range of HMEs

The Provox Life™ system includes five new high-performance HMEs specialized for situational use.

Whether you are resting at home, on the go, in a crowded place, or exercising, the Provox Life™ product range has an HME for all situations.



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Underwent a total laryngectomy in January 2020,

I halved the number of times I cough per day. I do the things I normally would. What can I say. Life is good.

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Clinical evidence from a peer reviewed prospective crossover study shows significant improvement in pulmonary symptoms for those living with a laryngectomy when using a new generation of devices, Provox Life™ HMEs & Adhesives. For more informaton, visit


In the spirit of Women's History Month, we want to shine a spotlight on another incredible woman at Atos, Nicola Lawson. As a member of our UK Leadership Team, Nicola is a true inspiration to working mothers everywhere. Nicola joined Atos Medical UK in 2019 and is a mother of two young children, yet still manages to work four days a week while holding a leadership position within the company. Her goal is to be a role model for other women who are striving to balance a successful career with their family life. At Atos we are proud to be a supportive organization that encourages flexibility and recognizes the importance of work-life balance. Nicola has benefited from this support, allowing her to be present for her children while still excelling in her role at Atos. This support has also driven higher engagement and commitment from our employees. As we celebrate Women's History Month, we are honored to have women like Nicola leading the way in showing that it is possible to have both a successful career and a fulfilling family life.   Join us as we strive for a more inclusive workplace where women can thrive in all aspects of their lives. Check out our career opportunities: {hashtag|\#|WomensHistoryMonth} {hashtag|\#|Atos} {hashtag|\#|WomenInLeadership} {hashtag|\#|WorkLifeBalance} {hashtag|\#|WorkingMothers} {hashtag|\#|WomensMonth} {hashtag|\#|WomenInMedTech}

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Watch the award-winning film "Can You Hear My Voice?" in Glasgow! A documentary told by individuals with various throat cancers who have had their voice boxes surgically removed in a life-altering surgery called a laryngectomy. Enquire via


Are you ready for our upcoming clinical webinar on March 28th? The webinar will feature Professor Brendan McGrath of the NTSP, and we'll be discussing the percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy \(PDT\) procedure. For healthcare professionals, it's crucial to have safe and effective methods for tracheostomy procedures, and the PDT method can potentially bring important benefits to patients. During the webinar, you'll learn about clinical indications for PDT, decision-making processes for safe and effective procedures, and patient management from pre- to post-procedure. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with Professor McGrath and other healthcare professionals. Register now to secure your spot. {hashtag|\#|AtosMedical} {hashtag|\#|ClinicalEducation} {hashtag|\#|HCP} {hashtag|\#|PercutaneousDilationalTracheostomy} {hashtag|\#|Tracheostomy} {hashtag|\#|Tracoe} {hashtag|\#|MedicalWebinar} 

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Oficialmente ayer a las 22:24 horas empezó la primavera y con ella las alergias. Los expertos dicen que este 2023 la primavera polínica llegará más tarde, pero con más fuerza ya que la polinización de invierno (árboles como el ciprés, el fresno y el avellano) ha sido mínima y estos árboles no han empezado todavía a liberar grandes cantidades de polen. Se espera para las dos últimas semanas de marzo la liberación de este polen “de invierno” en grandes cantidades unida al comienzo de la liberación de los pólenes de primavera (floración), que durará hasta mayo-junio. Las personas laringectomizadas y traqueostomizadas también pueden sufrir alergias al polen. Aquí presentamos dos de nuestros HME (Heat and Moisture Exchange en inglés, Intercambiador de Calor y Humedad, Filtro o también conocido como Casette): Provox®️ Micron HME™️ y Freevent®️ XtraCare™️. Ambos tienen un filtro electrostático altamente efectivo contra polen, polvo, virus y bacterias (según estudios realizados). Como HME´s ambos reducen la tos y la producción de secreciones. Freevent®️ XtraCare™️ es compatible con un conector de 15 mm y se puede utilizar con el Freevent O2 Adaptor (adaptador), lo que permite la administración de oxígeno suplementario (con un tubo de oxígeno de 3,2 mm (1/8 inch) de diámetro). Más información en nuestra bio, en el número gratuito 900 10 30 14 o a Danos un ❤, comenta o comparte. #alergia #polen #polvo #virus #bacterias #hme #filtro #casette #micron #xtracare #oxigeno


XtraCare Mini combines an HME with effective filtration, which provides children with a tracheostomy with protection against airborne particles*: • Good humidification • 98% filtration of bacteria & viruses • Transparent connector to monitor secretions


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Provox Coming Home contains products and information to make the transition from hospital to home as easy as possible.

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