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Usage situations:

To leave a protective layer on the skin

Improves adhesion of appliances and tape to the skin

To help removing the adhesives

Improve the adhesion between the skin and the adhesive

This is a cover that protects your stoma from water

For flushing after brushing

For cleaning of the voice prosthesis

To clean the skin before putting on an adhesive

LaryButton Sizer Kit contains sterilizable and reusable tubes for individual fitting.

Contains sterilizable and reusable tubes for individual fitting

Is used to clean the Provox LaryTube and Provox LaryButton.

A rapid solution to manage leakage around

Temporarily stops leakage through the voice prosthesis

A tool that can be used to approximate the length of TE punctures

For upsizing the diameter of the TE puncture or to temporary block a TE

Is used to make small fenestrations in the Provox LaryTube.

For retrograde insertion of all Provox indwelling prostheses