Provox Vega voice prosthesis

In 1990, the first Provox voice prosthesis was introduced, followed by the second generation, Provox2, in 1997. Provox has made a global impact. Now we proudly present the third generation - Provox Vega voice prosthesis with SmartInserter.

Provox Vega - the standard has been raised

Easy airflow
All three diameters* of the Provox Vega protheses have been designed to maximize airflow to help reduce speaking effort.

  • The inner diameter has been maximized to reduce airflow resistance during speech.
  • The angled valve is designed for easier opening when speaking.
  • The angled valve is designed to help in on-going speech by reducing resistance, making speech less effortful.
  • The valve is recessed and totally encased by the prosthesis hood minimizing direct exposure of the valve to the esophagus.

Easy cleaning & maintenance

  • Advanced design components of the voice prosthesis and cleaning accessories.
  • A 360° hood protects the valve.

Easy choice

  • The oval shaped tracheal flange is less likely to rotate.
  • A smooth nonirritating edge is made possible by integration of the safety strap on the face of the tracheal flange.
  • With three (3) diameters in six lengths each, there’s a Provox Vega right for just about everyone!

Innovative hygienic placement and replacement
The SmartInserter** provides a whole new way of placing the Provox Vega. Innovative design with significant improvements.

  • The Provox Vega voice prosthesis comes preloaded in the SmartInserter - no assembling needed.
  • Designed to prevent unintentional overshooting.
  • SmartInserter has a smooth, webbed tip for insertion.

*The availability of diameters varies between markets.
**not to be used in a freshly made (not yet healed) puncture